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How to Start a “How To” Essay

A How-to essay is a piece of writing that explains how to accomplish something within a certain time limit. This is different from an informative essay because it is written with a clear purpose in mind, usually instructing readers about what they need to know. It should be very concise and have some action-oriented tone.

How To essays require a clear and logical flow of ideas and should not be repetitive or too general. They should focus on one step at a time and end with something that leaves the reader feeling motivated or inspired by what they’ve read.

It can also be helpful to think about what would happen if someone did not follow the steps of the How to essay. For example, emails need to reach their destination so that people will receive them and respond accordingly. That is why email formats and tone are important to consider when writing an email.

Read this article if you want to learn how to write How-to essays.

How do I start a How-To essay?

The first paragraph should include the following:

The “How To” essay is a popular academic assignment that allows students to teach others something they know how to do. Here’s an example of what you might write in the introduction of one.

The introductory paragraph of an academic How To paper should include these components:

Topic – what you are writing about

General overview of steps – how you are structuring the paper (this can change, but it is good to have an idea before beginning)

Goal – what you hope to accomplish with this How To essay (this should be different than your thesis)

Significance of interest – why people should care about what you’re writing about and how it relates to their lives.

Select a topic that you know something about.

This may be a skill you’ve acquired, a place you’ve visited, or a phenomenon that interests you.

The more familiar you are with the topic, the easier it will be to write your How To essay.

Choose a general, manageable topic and not something too broad like “the world” or very specific like “how I brush my teeth.”

Think about the steps you want to include in your How-To essay and what you’ll say about each. Make sure they are organized logically to achieve your goal.

Decide what your overall argument is, which should tie all the steps together. This is your thesis statement and should be included at the end of your first paragraph.

How-To papers are typically written from a third-person point of view, but you can include a personal example if it helps to illustrate a step.

Research on the topic extensively

Knowing your topic inside and out will help you write an effective How-To essay.

You can take notes on what you learn as you research, which may help you write the paper.

Your instructor may also have tips for further reading or resources to consult.

Make sure that your work is properly cited throughout the paper according to the MLA or APA documentation style.

If your paper is strictly academic, make sure your sources are credible. Reputable sources are from a scientific or academic journal or government sources. If you stick to sources backed with research, your how-to essay will be more concrete.

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Think about a clear-cut procedure

This is the basic structure of most How-To essays.

Here, you will need your descriptive writing skills to be on point. Make sure your language is clear, and your readers will understand what you are trying to say.

It is also worth noting that the procedure should flow seamlessly. Use transition words such as also, additionally, moreover etc., to link ideas properly. However, the choice of language depends on the type of readers your essay is intended for. If the How to essay is strictly academic, you need to use words that match the topic. For instance, if you are writing an essay about doing a specific surgery, your essay should be filled with medical jargon. However, if it is a normal How to essay for college, write your paper in the simplest language possible. The bottom line is your readers should understand your procedure.

If you already have a clear idea of writing your paper, your introduction should focus on what makes this topic interesting or significant and why people should care about it.

Create an outline.

Outlines are great for How To essays because they help you organize your ideas.

Get a good grasp of the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

This will ensure that there are no unnecessary steps, which will make your paper easier to follow.

If it feels overwhelming, break down each step into sub-steps.

This will make it easier to write each step, and you can also include more information in your How-To essay.

It may be helpful to start this process by writing out the steps on note cards or sticky notes so that you can arrange them around your room like a map of your paper’s journey.

Once you’ve written your paper, make sure to edit it and proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Write your draft

Take the time to write your draft, even if it’s just an outline.

This will allow you to get unstuck if you run into any problems while writing.

You can also use this opportunity to brainstorm for ideas or connections between steps.

It may be helpful to start by jotting down the How-To essay’s form, including your steps and transitions.

This way, you can think about what you want to say about that step before writing it.

If you get stuck, try a mind map or spider web to guide your brainstorming process.

Once you have a final draft, look for ways to improve your How To essay.

You may want to incorporate more step-by-step instructions, develop the background information for each section, or connect an interesting anecdote to your topic. Edit your paper until you are satisfied with it before turning it in for grading.

The first draft is free to free write, so don’t be afraid to do that. Include any procedure that comes to mind. Once you feel you have the right word count, you can then take some time to edit later.

Edit your work.

Add more detail and step-by-step directions in your How-To essay.

This is also when you can add any relevant background information or interesting anecdotes to add color to your paper.

Make sure it flows seamlessly from one section to another by linking each idea with a transition word.

You can also insert subheadings to help your reader follow the progression of your How To essay.

It is important to proofread your work before submission.

This will ensure that you have not made any spelling or grammar errors.

You can also run a spell check on your computer if available, but be sure to read over the manuscript yourself. Print out the final document and look at it in printout mode so

Take a break from your essay after completing the first draft to help you gain some perspective on your work. This will allow you to notice any errors that might have been overlooked, and it can also help you notice which parts of your How To essay need more detail or explanation.

How to essay topic ideas

A How-To essay is simply an outline of a procedure on how to do something. It can be about virtually anything, especially if it is useful knowledge for people.

If you have trouble brainstorming ideas, here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

How to cook fish or chicken

How to download music onto your phone

How to read a map

How to speak with confidence in public

Pediatric CPR steps from the American Heart Association

How to write a good email

How to be funnier

How to find your passion and purpose as a teenager

How to grow vegetables in small spaces such as balconies or on rooftops

How To Make A Paper Airplane That Flies Far

How To Find The Best Light For Your Instagram Photos

How To Start and Keep a Conversation With Anyone

How To Travel On The Cheap

How To Make a Good First Impression

How to get good grades in school

How to cure a hangover

How to get into college

How to iron a shirt properly

Types of How-To essays include:

Personal experience about how you accomplished something, including the steps involved.

About something, you struggled to do for a long time but finally figured out the best steps to take.

Someone else’s personal experience about how they accomplished something or struggled with it and what they did to overcome the obstacle.

A list of steps on how to solve a problem, such as “How To Make Homemade Ice Cream.”

A list of steps on accomplishing a certain goal or task, such as “How To Be A Better Soccer Player.”

A detailed outline of proper steps for something complex, such as surgery.

Tips and tricks for a specific thing, such as “5 Kitchen Tips You Never Knew”.

A collection of tips and information on a particular topic.

How-To books are a great source of ideas because they explain the steps involved in performing specific tasks.

Think about something that you learned how to do but are still unsure of the steps involved.

Create a How-To essay based on your knowledge of this topic.

You can do this by listing the steps involved in performing this task and explaining why each step is necessary.

You can also look at some examples from your textbook or readings for college to get ideas for more topics.

Make sure to use examples from everyday life so that your essay is relatable. For instance, in a How-To essay on how to write an email, you could explain why it is important for emails to be in the appropriate tone and format to reach their destination.

Remember that How To essays aim to explain how to do something. They should not be used as a substitute for actual instruction.

What to include in the introduction of a How to essay

Your essay introduction should explain the topic of your How to essay, why it’s important, and what you will attempt to do. This is where you can include a personal experience if applicable.

You should also include enough background information so that the reader does not get confused.

The first paragraph is also a great opportunity to incorporate hooks to capture the reader’s attention early on. You can insert your essay as the first sentence of your essay.

The rest of your essay is where you should include as much detail as possible since it is the essay’s core.

What to write in the body of a How to essay

The essay’s body should have at least three main body paragraphs, but you can choose to include more if you feel it’s necessary.

Your first paragraph should state the steps of what you will be explaining and why each step is important. Start an essay with a small narration, say, of your personal experience or examples from readings or class lectures to support your explanations.

Your second body paragraph should explain the next steps in your process.

Your third (and final) body paragraph should discuss another step or two and end with where you got your ideas or why you chose to include this information. You can choose to conclude by advising on how the reader could benefit from what you’ve explained, or you can include what sources you used. This gives the reader a reason to read your essay.

What to include in the conclusion of a How to essay

Your conclusion should summarize your steps, explain why they are important, and why you did what you did. This is where you could clarify any details left out earlier or explain how it’s beneficial to the reader.

You should also include any references at the end, especially if you cite specific examples throughout your How to essay.

It is always a good idea to end with something motivating or uplifting that makes the reader feel like they can do what you’ve done or incorporated what you’ve included into their lives. This will leave the reader with a good impression of you.


Essay writing takes a lot of time and patience to come up with the right body of work. The hardest part of any essay has the ideas but remaining clueless about starting your essay. With the tips included in this article, you’ll be able to start your essays in a heartbeat. Remember to plan your ideas first.

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