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Top 5 Classification Essay Examples

What is a classification essay?

A classification essay is an essay that organizes or sorts a large quantity of information into smaller, more manageable categories. The purpose of this essay is to help the reader better understand the material by its division into these smaller parts. It might also have the goal of showing how these small, individual categories fit together into a larger description or picture.

If you are new to classification essays, we urge you to check out our top 5 classification essay samples. We hope they inspire you to be interested in this kind of essay so that you can produce quality work.

Classification essays: Examples

Not familiar with classification essays? Read some of our samples to inspire you to write your best work.

Sample 1

Animals may be classified according to their diet. Robert Whittaker, an American plant ecologist, determined animals into three categories based on how they obtained nutrients. This categorization also led to easier ways of understanding the animal hierarchy and food chain. Herbivores are creatures that eat plants; carnivores are predators who prey on other animals, and omnivores are animals that have diets consisting of both plants and animals.

     Animals that are herbivores may be insects or mammals. Vegetation, such as fruits, leaves, grasses, and vegetables, is devoured by these animals. These creatures require a significant amount of energy to survive, which is why cows and sheep eat all day to obtain the energy and nutrients they require. Some herbivores have more specific diets. For example, some insects only eat one type of plant, while others are limited to certain sections of a plant.

     Carnivores are animals that eat meat. Carnivores can be divided into three types: hypercarnivores, mesocarnivores, and hypocarnivores. Animals known as hypercarnivores feed almost entirely on flesh. These species have robust facial muscles and a heavy skull that aid them in striking, capturing, and killing their prey. Wolves are hypercarnivores because they eat meat primarily, and there is no plant in the wolf’s diet. On the other hand, mesocarnivores are animals whose diets consist of a majority of meat. Since they don’t entirely depend on meat, they are generally smaller in the frame. Some examples are foxes and raccoons. Hypo carnivores are animals that have less than half of their diet consisting of meat. A good example is a blue whale.

     Animals that eat both plants and animals are known as omnivores. These creatures have it all: they may subsist on a diet consisting of plant and animal foods. Omnivores occupy the pinnacle of a food chain’s trophic pyramid, next to carnivores.

Because omnivores contribute to the equilibrium of both plant and animal populations, they are essential in maintaining the environment. Omnivores have specialized teeth that allow them to chew both plants and animals. The digestive system of omnivores, on the other hand, has limited capabilities. Omnivores can only consume a certain species of plant, whereas herbivores can eat a variety of plants.

     Knowledge of the whole kingdom animalia’s feeding pattern is a noble scientific pursuit, whether it is used to study evolutionary biology or to maintain nature’s order. Classifying animals by their diet can assist us in comprehending how they contribute to protecting our planet.

Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are interdependent. This may be a stepping stone to a more in-depth study of the food chain and its effects on nature. Animals can be classified not only by physical criteria; they can also be categorized according to their dietary preferences.

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Sample 2

A diet is a set of rules for drinking and eating that an individual’s lifestyle has determined. There are several diets, each with its own goal, including diets designed to help people lose weight, diets recommended for individuals suffering from certain illnesses, and diets based on beliefs and values.

The most popular diets are those that focus on weight loss. The fashion business and the spread of a healthy lifestyle are among the major reasons for their popularity.

The zone diet is one of the most well-known weight-loss programs. In this example, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats maintain a 4:3:3 balance (Pellizzon and Ricci 36). This implies that any food containing 40% carbohydrates must also include 30% protein and 30% fat. This way of eating has been said to positively impact the body’s metabolic rate, which is important for weight loss.

The Weight Watchers’ diet is another kind of diet that influences weight reduction. This eating plan is also popular among individuals who wish to avoid exercise to lose weight and keep a network of like-minded friends who form an association. The Weight Watchers can conduct meetings in person or online, or they may encourage one another to reduce weight through phone calls.

Many illnesses are linked to lifestyle, so doctors give many diets to individuals who have certain issues. As a result, the Atkins diet focuses on regulating insulin levels. It is more often found in meals high in fats and protein (Wakana et al. 24). People that have high insulin levels avoid carbohydrates with refined carbohydrates since they cause their bodies to produce high levels of insulin.

The kinetic diet is advised for those who have epilepsy and other neurological diseases. Carbohydrate intake is reduced, and foods high in fats are eaten. This allows the body to burn fat as a source of fuel rather than carbohydrates. These fats are broken down to produce ketones, which are required for brain function. Diabetics 1 should avoid this diet, as it is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, which can negatively affect their health.

The third type of diet is based on beliefs and ideals. Vegetarianism is one of the most well-known diets linked to religion and ethics, not science. Many people choose to be vegetarian or ascribe to a religious sect (Mohsen et al. 69).

Vegetarians are classified into different categories, such as semi-vegetarians, pesco vegetarians, ovovegetarians, living food diet vegetarians, Lacto-ovo vegetarians, fruitarian vegetarians, and lactovegetarians. Lacto-Ovo vegetarians are the most common type of vegetarianism; this is because they do not consume meat and fish, but they will eat foods like eggs and dairy (“Types of Vegetarianism”). A vegan diet is more about ethics than nutrition. People that follow this diet generally limit themselves to animal-free meals for environmental, humane, and ethical reasons. They believe that if everyone ate plant-based foods instead, animals who live alongside humans would be happier, and the environment would be healthier (Wakana et al. 25).

Raw foodism is a type of low-carb diet that has grown in popularity over recent years. People who follow the raw foodism diet (Pellizzon and Ricci 38) eat only organic foods and beverages that have not been processed in any way. They consume uncooked plant meals, such as fruits and vegetables, which are the main nutrients in their diet.

People choose a diet for various reasons. People who want to take proactive steps and avoid lifestyle illnesses follow a diet balances carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Some people were required to adhere to specific diets, such as those with diabetes 1. Others follow diets that are in line with their beliefs. There is no superior or inferior diet. A person should not follow a diet that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Sample 3

The following classification essay is on comedy.

Do you like humorous anecdotes as much as I do? If yes, then you will agree with me that they make us laugh and release stress. This essay looks at how different types of humor can affect our lives positively. We shall discuss the following categories; slapstick comedy, situational comedy, observational comedy, physical and black and white and more.

Slapstick comedy is one of the oldest forms used before other styles. It includes acrobatic stunts, physical gags and pratfalls (Ellis). People are entertained by watching people fall, hit their heads or punch each other in the face. There are many different slapstick comedies such as circus clowns, silent films and some live entertainment acts. This can be quite humorous, but some people often find it too crude, silly and childish.

Observational comedy includes some stories that we could relate to in our daily lives. It is about situations we encounter, such as awkward situations at work, family gatherings or friends’ meetups (Weinbach). The comedian observes people around him and tries to be as close to the truth as possible. It is realistic and hence appears more amusing. This form of comedy frequently uses irony, sarcasm, juxtaposition of scale or appearance with reality, exaggeration and understatements.

Physical Comedies involve the use of magic tricks, pratfalls, falls and other forms of physical comedy. The effect of the performance is heightened by music which makes us laugh. One of the most famous names in this genre is the Great Farini, who worked with several circus acts concluding with being shot out of a cannon (Farini).

Black humor focuses on taboos. Taboo topics are usually about death, illness, incest or murder. This kind of comedy is dark and can be disturbing to some people. The acts are supposed to be more comical, but they usually are very tragic (Rovzar). A good example of Black humor is William Burroughs, whose books frequently described gruesome events with a comic twist.

Some people might find some categories not to their liking or too crude, while others enjoy them. There is no such thing as a superior type of comedic genre. One should choose what makes them laugh and be happy, for it is one’s choice that determines how society will perceive them.

Sample 4

A moviegoer is a person who goes to the cinema. To identify a moviegoer, you must first categorize the sorts of films that they like. Informational, drama, action, adventure, epic, horror, crime, and musical genres. Despite movies in different genres, most of them are linked; for example, crime and action movies often have a lot of violence.

The category of moviegoers can be determined by the kind of films they watch, although certain individuals like watching movies from several genres. We may also group moviegoers based on their activities while watching their favorite films.

Moviegoers’ actions might be bothersome and aggravating, yet they may also distract individuals who want to focus on the movie’s finer points. The first kind is characterized by individuals who crack jokes at nothing. They find anything in a film – even someone walking along – amusing inside, resulting in loud laughter. This sort of moviegoer causes a scene, something they will delight in.

Individuals who talk excessively are another bothersome class. They’ll narrate events on screen to their friends or argue about their finer points with the person seated next to them. When they do this, you can’t hear important dialogue segments; thus, it becomes difficult for people to follow what’s happening.

The know-it-all is another kind of moviegoer. They claim to be experts on the film. These individuals will usually discuss the next action in the film from beginning to end, informing audience members what will happen next and even suggesting that they would have done better than the actors (Percy, 1998). They concentrate on predicting events.

The last category is the oblivious type. This sort of moviegoer appears to be ignorant. They ask questions from the start, such as “Where’s he going?” “What’s his deal?” and “Who brought him there,” among other things (Percy, 2004). Instead of engaging in their enjoyment of the film, they end up pointing out the obvious, unneeded.

Another sort of MovieGoer is the Cellphone Addicts. These moviegoers are obsessed with their phones. They’re either texting or calling during the film while it’s playing. They might spend half of the film on their mobile phones, playing games, texting, or surfing the Web. As a result, someone may wonder why this viewer has misplaced the time and money he spent on the tickets.

The second sort of moviegoer acts as if they are at home. They may even resort to improper activities such as removing their shoes despite the stench and speaking loudly (Percy, 2011). These individuals are a major distraction, especially for those trying to focus on the film because they disturb others with this kind of behavior.

Moviegoers who adore watching movies at home or in a theater should always plan ahead of time. It’s vital to remember that moviegoers can be divided into two groups based on their noticeable personalities, which may cause you to think about your own behavior while in a public cinema.

Sample 5

International students, especially those who stay in the United States for a short time, like to live with an American host family since they can experience American culture and improve their English. However, not all international students can enjoy a pleasant host family. Over the years, I’ve spoken with several of my friends about host families and learned that there are various types of host families in the US.

The first sort of American host family offers an international student a place to stay in exchange for money. This is, without a doubt, one of the most common reasons American host families take in international students. However, the goal of this kind of host family is to profit from an international student. I recall meeting a student staying in a similar type of host family when I studied at a private English school. She paid nearly $500 each month, but she said that they had never provided her with decent food. They always gave her only a slice of bread or a tiny container of frozen food. In her host family’s home, she was only allowed to eat something small once or twice a day. She had never tried American food before she went to study in America, and she was not able to finish the food that her host family provided her with. They made her feel guilty for wanting more to eat. A different youngster with whom I spoke lived in unsafe living conditions. For example, his room had no light and no telephone. Of course, this host family is not friendly to its hosting students and does not attempt to look after them.

The second type of American host family is the one that genuinely wants to assist international students. A Christian organization exists in the city where I am currently residing and aims to assist international pupils. All members of this Christian group try to assist overseas students by offering a volunteer tutoring service or throwing a party for them.

Some members, on the other hand, invite host kids, and the vast majority of those who discover a host family in this group are happy with theirs. Because these families’ fundamental objective is to assist international students, they don’t get much money from their pupils. They treat their students well and try to assist their hosting youngsters in adjusting to life in the United States. In some cases, the organization may even assist with buying airline tickets for students who can’t afford to travel back home.

I used this organization to find a host family for me, and they were fantastic. They supplied me with considerable information about the region, such as the sites of critical installations or how to use public transportation. They also attempted to expose me to American culture by having me attend a potluck party or dine at their home. When I inquired about English lessons at one of the organization’s workshops, the coordinator even offered me lessons for free. I had a very good experience with this type of host family.

The third host family extends an invitation to international students to spend time away from their loneliness. This is generally a couple or a single individual who lives alone. After retirement, many people feel lonely and have nothing to do, especially if their home is now an empty nest. As a result, they invite an international student into their home to keep them company.

This was the case with one of my American friends who came to study English. The host mother was a single parent, and she wanted to house a student because she was lonely. As a result, she treated my friend as if he were her real daughter. She took my friend everywhere she went and introduced her to anyone they met new. My friend traveled around the country with her host mother, and they even visited old friends together.

Living with an American host family has several benefits. Having the opportunity to live with a host family is a tremendous help for international students. However, whether or not the experience is pleasurable is dependent on the attitudes of both students and families. As a result, I hope international students living in America can meet hosts who add value to their time in the country.

Easy classification essay topics for high school and college students

When writing a classification essay, the best place to start when writing a classification essay is selecting an interesting topic. If you are struggling to find topics to write about, here are some essay ideas you can borrow from:

Good classification essay topics for high school students

  1. Classification essay about the different genres of music
  2. Classification essay about types of love
  3. Essay about human relationships
  4. Classification essay about dancing styles
  5. An essay about general stereotypes

Good classification essay topics for college students

  1. Different types of consumers
  2. An essay about the communities in your area or nation
  3. Write a classification essay about first date ideas
  4. Political parties in your country
  5. An essay about body types


Classification essays can be fun to write, provided that you know how to write them well. There’s nothing like that confidence boost when you know you wrote your best work and you get the highest grade in class. All you have to do is read the examples we have provided in this article and check out some tips on our blog.

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