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Top 5 Descriptive Essay Examples

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is when you write about someone or something in detail. For instance, something you might write about could be a person’s favorite object or creature, or it could be a place that holds special meaning to the author. When writing this type of essay, being creative and detailed are essential parts.

Here are five top descriptive essay examples you can use as inspiration.

5 Descriptive essay examples worth looking into

Descriptive essay Example 1

I had never been more on edge in my life. I’d spent the previous three interminable hours trying to get to the airport so that I might return home. Now, as I observed the bus driver put my luggage down on the road outside of the terminal, I knew things were just about to get worse.

I initially felt this was my airport’s international terminal since nothing looked familiar to me. I had no idea what any of the signs meant. Where was the check-in counter? What should I do with my luggage? I had no clue where the immigration line was. Because I couldn’t be late, I needed assistance!

I tried to enlist the aid of a passing businessman, but I got it all wrong. He just frowned and walked away. What had gone wrong? I’d been in this country for a whole semester, and I still didn’t know how to ask for directions. This was terrible! Another bus arrived at the terminal, and passengers disembarked carrying their luggage. To my horror, it looked like they were all Indonesian! I didn’t know if I should get on the bus or wait for another with destinations listed in English.

I pushed the button for 3. The elevator slowly rose to the third floor, producing a rattling noise. I peered around apprehensively as the doors opened, and a high-pitched squeal announced their arrival. What should I do now? As soon as the elevator returned, I got on it and looked at all of the buttons. It wasn’t just one elevator but a bank of four.

As I stood in the dark terminal, tears gathered in my eyes as I realized I’d be late for my flight. An elderly airport employee appeared around the bend at that moment. He observed that I was lost and requested if he might assist me. He gave me his handkerchief to mop up my tears as I described my problem. He escorted me to the check-in counter and assisted me in doing everything that I needed.

When I turned to thank him for his assistance, he had vanished. I will never know the gentleman’s name, but I shall always remember his out-of-the-blue kindness. He came to my aid when I most needed it. I can only hope that one day when another traveler requires assistance on a bad trip, someone will be ready to help.

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Descriptive essay Example 2

As is typical at this time of year, the weather was cold and gray. With fall long gone, the trees were barren save for a few golden leaves fluttered to the ground. Christmas was just a few weeks away, and all of the kids were looking forward to staying home from school for a couple of weeks. Not going to school was the only thing that made winter bearable.

Students were praised for doing outstanding work at school, not ridiculed for every mistake. There was no bickering, and loudness was strictly prohibited. Nowadays, the world outside of home is safer and more organized, not chaotic, frightening, or loud. Even when calamities occurred, they usually happened far away and posed little concern to those of us who were lucky to have a home.

Three of us children grew up playing outside in the woods or at a friend’s house. We knew everyone who lived on our road, and aside from the grumpy older adults who resided at the bottom of the hill, everyone was pleasant to us. In a tiny rural town during that period, the only thing to be afraid of was busting your ass off the back of your bicycle.

That Saturday morning was different, though. We were all at home, and the day was beginning rather quietly. There were no squabbles among the children or dogs barking, and Mom and Dad were conversing rather than shouting or sniping at one another. Dad was stationed in his usual place at the dining room table while Mom prepared breakfast.

Even though he was sitting next to the phone, Dad didn’t pick it up when it rang. Mom walked over and took the call after her husband failed to respond. “Hello? Hi, Bobbie. What? What are you talking about? How did this happen?” she exclaimed in shock. “Oh my God! I don’t believe it! How is she?… No, no. Of course, he can stay here as long as he needs to… We’ll be there soon,” she said and hung up the phone.

We sat there pondering what kind of gossip our next-door neighbor would have that would elicit such a response. Dad said nothing, but I knew whatever occurred was completely unusual. Events occur in each lifetime that irrevocably alter the perception of the world being a safe place to play in—feeling secure means feeling at ease, no matter how bad they may seem, being able to have faith that your parents can take care of you when you’re in trouble.

Finally, when Mother had herself under control, she murmured, “Margaret was murdered this morning on Lauffer Mine Road.” Our peaceful little community became an uncertain and bewildering place when one of the neighbors’ children was a victim of a murderer. The prospect of a murderer being at large in our region was unprecedented. Until now, the most dangerous thing found outside the house was a broken bottle or rusty nail.

As the day progressed, this calamity’s impact began to wane. Mom was on the phone a lot, speaking in hushed tones with her neighbors. The grapevine was working overtime. Who did it? And why? Was it a stranger or someone we all knew who committed this crime?

All day, New York State police cars cruised through our neighborhood, searching everywhere. On that day, we all stayed very close to home. There was no one outside or calling us down the road to play. Dad was relieved not to be forced to discipline us excessively in order to leave Mother alone or refrain from fighting among ourselves and being quiet enough to hear the phone ring if it did.

When I turned out the lights that night, it was a genuinely frightening experience, even for a tall fourth-grader. Outside noises might be the murderer walking about our yard. We looked outside every time the dogs barked to see if anybody was there. What if the murderer were hiding in the woods behind our home or the garage? Being scared at every sound turned the inside of our house into a terrifying place.

I’ll tell you about the days immediately following the attack. I’ve always made sure to shut and lock my front door before going to bed, but the events of that day taught me that my chaotic house was as safe as it could be. Home truly was a refuge, and potential peril might lurk on the other side of that locked door.

Descriptive essay Example 3

A long trail of damp, humid air rises away from the dark window and down the glass pane. A ribbon of clean, hazy darkness is left behind as condensation slides down the window. The suffocating heat and humidity inside suggest a stack of drenched bodies huddled together for protection against the relentless rain. In one corner, a single teacher sits with her back to the room. Her eyes stare unblinkingly at the eraser resting in her lap while she tries desperately to ignore the cacophony of children’s voices projecting from all four walls.

The scent of cooking food excites the children, and their instincts are alert by the prospect of food, the mob of kids rushes past him into the canteen. With a little bit of restraint, he finally manages to stem the tide and maintain a slower rate with more envious eyes towards the table where several of his fellow teachers have taken refuge, enjoying their meal.

The noise level in the room rises as more and more people enter, with the cries, shrieks, and confused babbling of a rabble of ragged adolescents rising to a decibel and volume that would shame a sports crowd. The youngsters continue their racket unperturbed by halfhearted efforts from their instructors, hoping to live up to their reputations of being the noisiest bunch in school.

A rather drab young woman is sitting amid a group of her social superiors providing her unwanted attention. She appears to be acclimated to this type of taunting, and she goes on with her supper in silence. The group becomes bored with watching their remarks bounce off the girl without reaction, so they turn their attention to a table of younger children. The young woman’s eyes shift toward the table, and her lips tighten in fury; she looks like a cat who has been deprived of something it wants desperately. The young woman is out of her seat before anyone can blink, and she walks determinedly to the offensively noisy gang.

Those within this bubble of adulation are determined to maintain anyone else out. The same outfits that seem to repel any other pupil’s attempt cover enough gold and fake diamonds to make a replica of the entire crown jewels. One particular girl, beaming with all of the gleaming enthusiasm of a television chat show host, is undoubtedly a recent recruit to the ranks of the beautiful. Her friends are not letting her attempt to worm her way in, and they are doing it quite successfully. The girl is half laughing at something one of them has said while trying tersely to maintain her dignity.

At her station in this holiest of circles, she gazes down from Mount Olympus of the dining hall at the insignificant drones beneath her, attempting to project some of the lofty pride of the gang’s established members. As several of the more resilient pupils become weary and leave the overcrowded, damp warmth for those willing to endure it for its relative comfort, her eyes rest on one boy among them. She recognizes him immediately, and she uses the same techniques used with everyone else to make it known that this particular young man is hers to contort into whatever shape she pleases.

The kids’ attention is drawn away by the sudden bang, which makes most of them come out of their peaceful slumber. For a change, the entire student body is in hysterics as they search the three-hundred or more people for the culprit.

The cause (a year seven boy) stands next to the broken china pile, murmuring a prayer for an escape as several older children howl. Unfortunately, the hole in the ground does not appear for him as it has for so many others in similar circumstances, and he is left at the mercy of hundreds of happy pupils.

Finally, the cries subside as teachers’ steely gazes quiet them, and they are replaced by the chilling tinny chime of the bell, which drives them all out into the torrential rain.

Descriptive essay Example 4

As the fighting continued, explosions and gunshots became more frequent. The enemy was not only advancing, but the scatter fire was taking its toll on the troops. Lieutenant Jim Osborne was running out of ideas. He ordered the tanks to target enemy clusters and missile trucks approaching from that direction. He then requested an aerial strike on the adjacent territory in order to hurry and relieve his troops. The last resort left was calling in an artillery strike on their current location, but it could hit friendly troops and turn the tide of the battle against them. For this reason, Osborne hesitated to make such a desperate call; however, he knew that it would be certain death for him and his men if they were not relieved soon.

The fight for the capital was in full swing. The streets were littered with bodies. The enemy had come out of nowhere and surrounded them after a long night of fighting. Captain Mike Clark was not going to give up so easily, but they were outnumbered and quickly running out of bullets and grenades. Lieutenant Jim Osborne looked at his men one last time before giving the order to surrender.

Descriptive essay Example 5

I stride into the clinic. The bell tingles softly but shrilly, washing over me with a wave of rubber gloves and disinfectant drenched in low-cost air freshener. A flood of rubber gloves and disinfectant masking cheap air fresheners washes over me. In the dentists’ waiting room, clusters of periodicals lie in disarray on the tables. They are clustered in disorderly fashion, with periodicals lying about in disarray. The magazines lie all over the place, not just on one table but several of them, some stacked up neatly and others spread out limply. I attempt to assemble them into their original resting places, though they keep slipping through my fingers. I attempt to sort out the magazines, but they keep slipping through my hands.

I sit on the old couch, its cushions stained and faded by time. I perch myself on the spotted, worn-out couch with stained cushions. And just as I begin to settle in my seat, the barber walks in through the door with an outstretched hand of greeting. Then, before I can even settle into my seat, the barber walks in with a raised hand of hello.

“Hello there!” he said as he shakes my hand firmly. “Hey, how’s it going?” He shook my hand with gusto. I feel the warmth from this firm handshake and instantly know that this is an extraordinary man. I can tell just by his strong grip that this is a really strong man. I can feel his warmth, and it tells me all that I need to know about him.

The barber reached into the drawer for a trolley key. He then fumbled around in the drawer to fetch one of the trolley keys. The trolley’s eyes light up as he inserts the key into its slot and maneuvers him into the hallway. The trolley blinks as he puts the key in and carefully steers it out of its nook.

The handle turns once, twice, thrice before he swings open the doors to reveal a sea of children with their expectant faces peering at me. He then twists the handle three times before opening the door, letting a sea of kids peek in at me with their eager faces.

I smile back and wave my hand as I begin to set up my station. I smile and wave back as I prepare myself for the work ahead. The barber walks away from me to attend to his other duties. He leaves me to be as he goes off to do something else. He waves goodbye as he exits the room and closes the door behind him with a soft click. The barber disappeared through the doorway, closing it softly behind him.

Some useful tips on writing descriptive essays

1. Take notes while traveling around. This way, you will have an idea about what to include in your essay later on.

When evaluating descriptive essay topics, use personal memories. For instance, that first time you had a skateboard. You can even describe your relationship with a family member or an exciting event you attended.

2. Spend time focusing on one particular essay topic. Don’t write a long descriptive essay if it’s not necessary for the assignment. Instead, focus on only one subject so that you can provide vivid details about it.

3. Use vivid words in your essay. The more colorful, the better, but don’t overdo it!

4. Incorporate the five senses when writing a descriptive essay. The sensory element in your essay allows you to convey all kinds of details. You can also incorporate feelings in this kind of essay.

5. Eliminate all the unnecessary details in your essay; only include what’s necessary for it. Keep it simple but interesting!

6. Add quotations and similes to make the descriptive part of the essay more colorful too.

7. Make sure you use figurative language, like metaphors or personification, to describe something that normally doesn’t have human qualities.

8. Create a strong introduction paragraph for this type of essay. Include your take on the subject matter in it, along with some background information to make sure the readers know what you’re referring to when they read about it in your essay. Also, include a strong thesis statement for your introduction.

9. Avoid writing long sentences that are complicated and don’t sound good. Instead, use shorter ones that sound better and will be easier to read.

10. When writing the body paragraphs of your essay, stick close to the topic and focus on describing things that will help you bring it to life for readers. Don’t stray too far off course and avoid going into unnecessary details unless they’re necessary for your assignment.


So there you have it- five descriptive essays for your inspiration. The tips should also improve your descriptive essay writing.

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